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Helping retailers, hotels, hospitality venues,
sports complexes and tourism sites enjoy the benefits of electric vehicle charging solutions


NextGenEVPower deliver Risk Free Electric Vehicle Charging for your company. We enable you to future proof your companies infrastructure and monetise this essential service.

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NextGenEVPower focus on helping you find a solution that is tailored to your immediate and future needs. Experienced and trained we have many years of experience in electric vehicle charging and infrastructures, allowing us to give factual and impartial advice on what is best for your business.


Our teams are specifically trained and qualified to install electric vehicle charging points. National coverage Our business is national, making it easy for our customer to deploy one EV expert to implement their charging infrastructure. OZEV approved We are approved and regulated by The Office of Zero Emission Vehicles which enables us to discount up to £16,000 grant funding for businesses.


Choice of Equipment

NextGenEVPower select only quality OZEV approved charge point manufacturers that allow us to confidently specify the right charging point for the right application.

Choice of Management System

NextGenEVPower offer continual support in the current OCPP (open charge point protocol) market, whereby you can choose exactly what facilities you want to offer and by whom. From free charging, to full payable operations, to offering discounts and incentives.


The choice is yours and we will make it happen. Choice of ownership NextGenEVPower offer a range of ownership, funding and payment schemes, allowing you to get the right type of solution you need today and the future, all within your desired budget.

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