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NextGenEVPower can offer various payment or ownership options, giving you the freedom
to deliver your charging needs now.


Fully funded

This is no upfront or ongoing payments. The perfect option for companies looking for an easy solution that generates
risk free revenue for the now and the future. 


Option Suitable for companies who want to buy the EV charging hardware for their fleets and want to sponsor their
employees’ electricity needs. O
ZEV contribute upto £16,000 towards this service

Pay Monthly
This would be a leasing option with fixed monthly subscriptions. Perfect for a
company who are facing a large investment to set up, or have the option to generate an income from
customer or public charging. All leasing agreements are subject to credit checking.

What is OZEV and how does it work?
OZEV is a workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).
This is a voucher based scheme that provides support towards the up front costs of the purchase and installation
of electric vehicle charge points
Qualifying businesses can claim up to £16,000 off the cost of your EV charging points under the Workplace Charging Scheme.


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Fully Funded Benefits.

There are a number of benefits for retail and leisure to provide fully funded EV charging for their customers.

Charging points are becoming as expected as fast broadband speed is today.

Risk free revenue plus adding customer value.

You can reward your customers, attract new ones and show your commitment to the environment all in one go.

The pressure on your carbon footprint increases every year; we can help to record and report your carbon reductions

How does it work? - The investment model

We will fund all the upfront costs including, installation, operational and maintenance cost.

We arrange any additional supply needed and cover all electrical costs.

The partnership model
We would share the profits generated from the charging points, based on the usage of each point. In short, the more
they are used the more you earn. So we have a combined interest in the success and location of each and every single charger installed.