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Electric Vehicles adoption is growing, with UK Government targets set for 2030 for no new Petrol or Diesel cars being sold in the UK, the challenge of keeping Britain moving changes.

The AA (https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/electric-vehicles) and the RAC (https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/electric-cars/choosing/road-to-electric/), amongst others, provide great guides for vehicle adoption and usage. They both support the trend that usage of all forms of EVs is rising, what is not rising at the same rate is the number of EV Charging points. 

It will become a growing need for any destination, office, town centre, visitor attraction and hospitality venue to provide electric vehicle charging. 

At NextGenEVPower , we want to help businesses provide that facility, with risk free solutions that can turn a requirement into a revenue stream. We work with suppliers and providers that can provide the service you require to make EV Charging part of your day to day business operation.

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