Nationwide Installation, Service and Support

NextGenEVPower believe that this is only the start of the journey.

We will be with you, to help and guide you throughout the experience.

NextGenEVPower working with our partners provide the complete install experience.

From start to completion. For any situation or location in the UK.

All our installations will be covered by a 5 year warranty including:

•Testing and commissioning
•Back office set up
•Equipment supply
•Liaising with DNO
•Protection barriers
•Electrical installation

Account Management

We ensure there are periodic reviews to ensure your equipment and back office systems are giving you what you need as you grow.

Advising of any upgrades required over the lifetime of your chargers.

Equipment support

Installation and materials  include 1 year warranty Charging equipment 3 - 5 year warranty

Service, maintenance and cleaning options available.

Software and back office programmes and platform support 24hr 7 days a week helpline, to assist with
any issues 

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Back Office Platform Benefits

We help you to choose the correct platform for your companies needs.


These can include:
•Real time information on usage
•Automatic marketing on your public stations
•Management of multiple bays over various locations
•Managing and allocating RFID cards
•Error monitoring

•Setting user permissions andaccess
•Controlling who should pay for charging and any who do not.
•Setting charging tariffs for public use or by customer or centre location
•Automated billing features
•Incentives and promotions

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